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2014 Bowtech Carbon Overdrive
Enlarge Image
2014 Bowtech Carbon Overdrive [Carbon OverDrive]
Price:  999 

Listed above is MSRP -- for Store (MAP) Pricing please call Bow Pro Shop 918-869-0500.

BowTech Bows are not available for purchase On Line. Please visit Bow Pro Shop for purchase.

You asked for it, Bowtech delivered!

The minimal weight of the Knight Riser combined with the unbelievable tunability of our OverDrive Binary cam system and industry leading FLX-Guard are now united in the Carbon OverDrive. The Carbon OverDrive stands out as the leading premium Carbon bow on the market today as it fires arrows down range at 342 fps. Pick one up for yourself and see why the Carbon OverDrive is everything you have been looking for in a premium carbon bow.

FACT:  Lightest Weight and most tunable premium hunting bow on the market. Pick it up--FEEL the Difference.


Mass Weight - 3.3. lbs (Bow Only)

Brace Height - 6.5"

IBO/ATA Speed - 342 fps

Axle to Axle - 31.5"

Kinetic Energy - 90.9 ft-lbs

Draw Weight - 50/60/70 lbs

Draw Length Range - 25" - 30"

Effective Let-Off - 80%

Finish options:  Mossy Oak Infinity & Alternative riser finishs include Realtree AP, APG, &  BlackOps

Quantity:  Out of Stock
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